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Right when I started this website, the coronavirus outbreak took the world by surprise. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared it a pandemic. If it not all, most of the air travel is shut down and it feels like I’m living a script from one of the Hollywood movies. It feels like I’ve been tied down and may not be able to travel for quite some time. However, this also gives me and my fellow travelers (you), an amazing opportunity to plan our trips in the near future, with air ticket booking down to absolute zero and the airline industry gasping for breath (most of them have massive debts), we could find some amazing deals for airline tickets, hotel booking, and even other travel-related purchases. I guess that’s enough of chit-chat and let me get down with my introduction.

At the beginning of 2010, I’d been living in Australia for over 6 years. Initially, I was a student and then when I started working, my work required me to fly a lot, which means, I used to book a lot of tickets. Back then none of the banks or any of the banking products offered any kind of discount or cashback opportunity to people who booked flight tickets through them (other than the frequent flyer points given by airline companies). I used to hunt for discounts and used to fly with lowcost airlines to save money (though my travel charges were covered by my employer). Later one when I traveled on vacation to meet loved ones or just on an adventure, I faced similar issues, I could never fly outside economy class. This was back when I used to live in Australia

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Hi, my name is Ram and back in 2014 I moved back to India and then a phenomenon called Paytm happened (I started using Paytm sometime after I returned from my hiatus) Paytm revolutionized the discount market through their unique blend of discount practices and used their wallet service exceptionally well (they still are great) in the form of great discounts and cashback offers for anyone who purchases a service or commodity using their wallet. I’ve booked flight tickets using Paytm and got some amazing offers. After the demonetization in late 2016 by the Indian central government, Paytm and other wallet services, became prominent and banks and card issuing networks started hemorrhaging money because they lost business due to low card usage and people, especially the Millenials and younger generation adopted to the UPI form of transactions really fast and businesses loved these modes of transactions too.

The banks and card issuing networks, to stay relevant, started offering discounts, deals, cashback offers, complementary accessories for their users and this has turned into a whole new market in itself. I personally own 4 credit cards and 5 debits cards and I get great offers for my travels through them. My other family members (Parents and siblings) also utilize these offers. At this juncture I thought, the rest of India should also find these offers easily and this propelled me to start this website.

This website is highly targeted towards those who’re specifically looking for credit card offers on flights (hence the name) and you can also find some credit card reviews by me and some great credit card offers on all the travel-related products. I’m building this website to help fellow travelers find the best flight discounts offered by, if not all, most of the credit cards in the Indian banking ecosystem.

Many a time finding these offers can be tedious and I’m making it easy for you, like a one-stop-shop of all the credit card related flight offers. Make the most of this, and happy traveling.

The promise I’m making to you is I shall do my very best to aggregate all the credit card offers on flight ticket bookings under the Indian sky, however, I could miss a few and if you come across any unique offers, please do share it with me. On the other hand, if you are looking for a specific flight offer for a specific credit card, please leave me a message in the comments and I will get back to you with the required offer(s).

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