Citi Credit Card Offers On Flight


Citibank is one of the oldest foreign banks to be estblished in India. They started their business journey in Kolkata wayback in 1902. For the amount of history and the size of the bank Citi has very few credit cards in their portfolio. They have 4 unique credit cards, each card serving a unqiue purpose, you can check them out here, alternatively, if you'd like to read reviews on each of these cards, you can do so here. Your not here to listen to me talk about the various credit products issued by Citibank, so let's get down to what you're really here for - "Citi Credit Card Offers On Flight". 

Before I get into the details of the various offers, I would like to make this point, these offers are constantly revoling or changing and hence this page will be constantly updated. So if you're after a specific offer and you don't see it here, it could verywell be because that specific offer has either expired or it's yet to be rolled out. I would also like to point out that, the Corona virus is wreaking havoc among people in multiple countries, if you choose to travel at this time, please do follow the precautionary steps to avoid infection. 

Now that this page is all amount flight tickets and discounts citi credit card has to offer and this invariably connects you to the various aspects of your travel(s), I took the liberty to add various other travel related offers other than flight ticket discounts. So please to have a look at the other offers and you might find a few nuggest of gold in their. 



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